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Disney prepares to strike back at Netflix

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  • Disney prepares to strike back at Netflix

    Streaming service Disney+, launching in the US in autumn, is gambling billions on being able to see off a rival that already has 150 million subscribers worldwide
    The fan frenzy surrounding the freshly released teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker serves as a timely reminder of Disney’s omnipotence at the box office. Now it is setting its sights on the small screen as well, by tackling global leader Netflix in the battle of the streaming services.
    The company is banking on what it terms a “treasure trove” of assets to make its upcoming rival service, Disney+, a Netflix-killer. These span the Star Wars films; the Marvel universe of comic book franchises, including the Avengers and the X-Men series; Pixar films such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo; and its own animated output, including Frozen and The Lion King, and TV hits such as The Simpsons.
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